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Expanding the World of High Plains Samurai

When our world was ravaged by Chaos’ Wrath, more than our lives and our way of life were lost to the fires of divine anger. Our connection to the wider world became ash and has been so ever since. As our world reaches for a new age with travel from one City to the next more and more possible thanks to developments like the Salvation, we might once again discover secrets long since buried under the sands, snow-covered mountains, and poisonous jungles of this place we call the One Land.

My name is Ali Mai Sang, but around here I am known as the Librarian. The Atlas of the One Land is a collection of new and exciting discoveries made by people like you. Those brave few who seek fortunes and reputation outside the busy streets of the Five Cities and wish to share their findings with others. Explorers, if you will. I have always wanted to explore this world and see it with my own eyes but this is complicated as I have none. Through my qi, I can see words as I touch them and through my liege, General Hoth Kap Sing, I have access to a vast network of travelers, warriors, and monks dedicated to building this Atlas. By unifying all of the One Land’s knowledge, both past and present, we can create a stronger home.

Here you will find a growing collection of new discoveries scattered across the One Land from tales told about qi warriors both infamous and naive. Buried secrets in the vast spaces between the Five Cities, strange creatures from the Wastes, nefarious villains and noble heroes – it is all here. We encourage all residents of the One Land to submit their discoveries. Use your own words or allow us to craft them into stories for you. Or simply engage in what others have found and use them to seek out new adventures and locales to populate your own stories.

The One Land