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“For every tyrant there are many under his boot. Those trapped beneath him are nothing more than ants until they learn to move between the treads and finally break free.”  
The Path of Innocence

The High Plains Samurai Roleplaying Game is a story game about gunslingers, samurai, barbarians, and gangsters in a post-apocalyptic steampunk world where honour and the power from within your qi have been the only things keeping you alive. You shall create epic tales of anti-heroes rising from the ashes of the One Land’s barren shadow to become saviours, villains, or martyrs to their cause. This website is your portal to discover the unlimited possibilities of this game and the stories you can create with your friends.

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A collection of free tools, character sheets, and product links to explore and thrive in the One Land.

Surviving the Wastes alone is a surefire way to doom yourself to a useless death. Along with your allies at your side, the High Plains Samurai Roleplaying Game provides rulebooks, character and scene notes, free downloads, and numerous other downloadable tools to help Writers and Directors alike master their descriptions and speed up gameplay.

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High Plains Samurai is the flagship roleplaying game from Broken Ruler Games. You can learn more about HPS and other games in our catalogue by visiting

“The book’s appearance is striking, and that’s relevant beyond just the aesthetic value. That striking appearance helps to call out items in the adventures, sidebars, and special rules. The setting is evocative and has lots of room for play, and gives just enough detail to be useful. The rules provide a structure that allows for narrative descriptions that can be as cinematic as the players are able to provide, but still have some built-in mechanics to remind the players when to move the spotlight. The adventure structure is very useful at a table, and even divorced from the specific rules would be a nice template to follow to keep track of triggers and the flow of information about the plot.”

Fiction Ballad of a
High Plains Samurai