Serenity Falls, City of Despair

An ocean view put Serenity Falls on the map and the anger of a god took it away.

from High Plains Samurai: Legends

What was once a bustling City of furs and mining is now no more than a rusted trophy commemorating a long forgotten past. Ruled by the Tom family since before dark days fell on us all, the City’s resources were scant able to keep up with the eventual demand from a growing population seeking a promising life in the southeast border of the One Land. It now exists as a wind-blown shell embraced by thieves, murderers, and the foulest of personalities. They seek a place to rest their heads and feed their urges without the bother of settling down or leaving a mark as to their arrival and departure. Closer to the Wastes than any other City, it is now the epitome of corruption.

Today it is ruled by Asoko Tom but you may probably know him more as Grandfather, the greedy protector of Serenity Falls. While the depraved and wicked come to his City wanted by other warlords, Grandfather tolerates their ways until they threaten either of the pair he truly cherishes: his money or his children. Those who forget this rule face a dedicated legion of trained marksmen that have become the signature of the City, standing on rooftops with hawks’ gazes on everything that goes on in the City. Anyone not killed by his Watchdogs face Grandfather’s judgment: take your own life or suffer a life as a slave in the mines concealed behind the empowering fortress that is his home. His people pay heavy taxes to gain this harsh protection, as they have for generations. Grandfather is a staunch believer in the old ways and his quest to bring back the past has lead his City to ruin.

Standing at his side since her tenth year is Kiki, his adopted daughter and bodyguard. Raised in view of tortures, beatings, and murders, this graceful girl has grown to become a crazed killer when unleashed. Armed with her legendary Crescent Whip and her terrifying efficiency in dealing death, Kiki – and her ambitions – may have reason to fear for her life as there are stirrings in Hunan of uncertainty within the Tom household.