Yung Zhi, City of Lights

Spared the worst of Chaos’ Wrath, every last space in Yung Zhi is packed with refugees hoping for a better life. Even if it kills them.

from High Plains Samurai: Legends

There is much about Yung Zhi you cannot understand until you have wandered all its streets. At one moment, you may suspect this City to be the definition of impoverished as its people cram to fit within the towering walls of sandstone forming the jagged edges of the crevasse they call the Devil’s Throat… and home. The desperate who made it inside literally dwell on top of each other as each ramshackle building flimsily stacks atop the last to create an outer rim of swaying buildings, creaking wood, and tragedies waiting to happen. And that is for those who can find room within this immediate zone, leaving the rest to camp along the windy chasm as unsettled refugees.

The heart of the City is a very different story, one of greed, power, and unappreciated technology. Yung Zhi’s true power lies with its warlord, Xang, and her dominance over the rival gangs populating the illuminated streets of neon-fueled night clubs, polished automobiles, and heavy firepower. Caught up in their own opulence, these brash youngsters seek nothing more than good times at the cost of enforcing Xang’s demands until such time as another will take the old woman’s place. When blood does not run into the sewers, parties carry on well into the night and long into the morning hours. In Yung Zhi’s heart it is not money that commands attention, but booze.

Many a skilled mercenary has answered Xang’s call to join her gang, including a varied collection of qi warriors. Filling the role of second-in-command is a particularly vicious killer: Bolo, once the main enforcer of the very Desert Sun Gang that brought so much grief to Xang and her fellow warlords. A silent man and efficient killer, Bolo has sworn allegiance to his new master and proven himself invaluable to her family. Those who would dare question his loyalty faces the firm reply of his iron fists.