Monsoon, City of Ruins

Hidden deep within the poisonous southern jungle canopy, Monsoon stands ready to take back the world they thought they knew.

from High Plains Samurai: Legends

Monsoon’s borders are strictly guarded by their samurai warriors. Art by Kieron O’Gorman.

Do not let the full name of this third City fool you. Monsoon is a place of true beauty and antiquity, one of the few to embrace the past, even if it is for nefarious purposes. Settled at an assembly of four tainted rivers running to the western coast of the One Land, Monsoon is located at the base of a waterfall where the rivers merge and flow down to give life to one of the few surviving jungles. Under the canopy of dense trees, and watched over by the singing birds and swinging monkeys that also call this place home, are ancient temples dedicated to the Elemental Spirits, libraries of vast knowledge, and a fortress from which the warlord Hoth Kap Sing, also known as the General, rules with absolute efficiency and determination.

Beyond its beauty and splendour lies a people under military rule. All who would call Monsoon home must serve at least three years in full arms guarding the walls and marching out into the One Land as the General sees fit. His forces are unmatched compared to the other Cities and this is what makes Monsoon so feared by the other warlords. Should the day ever come that the General feels obliged to take what is not his, the legion may be unstoppable. Yet no aspirations of power have crossed the General’s mind to date. At least, not until he has learned the secret buried within the temples of Monsoon, a secret he believes will grant him the power to cleanse the impurities of the world and grant him right as supreme ruler of the One Land. Few outside of the General’s inner circle are aware of the power he seeks in the ruins, but many have their own theories.

Having fathered no children in his lifetime, the General’s life is dedicated to his military. Power is to pass on to his second-in-command. As of today, it is Lu Qing‘s hands that grasp that title. Also known as the Winds of Death, Lu Qing is a fierce swordsman with lightning fast reflexes and the ability to summon tempest winds with a whistle. Lu Qing’s loyalty to his commanding officer is unbreakable and many who have failed to bring the General his quest for ultimate power have left this world because of the Winds of Death’s twin katanas.