A massive earth elemental wanders the Wastes crushing those who would stir the chaotic energies of its homeland.

by Ali May Sang (the Librarian)

An artist’s rendition of Titan facing the Lost Samurai of Qin before only the warrior’s crushed helmet was found on a pile of boulders. Artwork by Kieron O’Gorman.

When I first spotted the gargantuan elemental known only as Titan, it was tending to a rolling field of screaming violets over a mile wide. With soothing motions and its deep grumbling tones humming a relaxing tune, it was able to sooth the terrifying flowers until it was nothing more than a soft breeze fading into the distance. What a gentle soul, I thought. Until the earth trembled and I watched as Titan erupted into a rage. A fissure suddenly opened into the middle of the valley and spewed hot gases killing the flowers it cared for. Before there was time to mourn, Titan had moved on and I never saw it again.

Titan is a legend and a mystery in the Wastes, commonly found in a mountainous expanse known as Titan’s Valley. One moment it is a wise sage offering guidance and aid to those seeking shelter from the anarchy of this dangerous hellscape, the next finds it bringing the full force of those house-sized fists to the ground against those who would incite the Wastes’ love of violence. Many Outcasts look to Titan as their protector, some even view it as a guardian of the Fallen City and the lost temple of Heaven’s Peak. Unable to speak, it uses sign language to communicate with those who have bonded with the elemental. So long as you are willing to wait a few minutes as its massive arms and fingers maneuver into forming the words.

Invoking the Wrath of Titan

Crossing Titan is quite simple. The Wastes feeds off violence within its borders and elevates it with sandstorms, acid rain, and other insane responses. Should Titan be nearby when such violence erupts, it will squash the instigators (and anyone else caught in the middle) to bring the violence to a quick and sudden end. Numerous accounts of Titan spotted battling with other gigantic beasts native to the Wastes have become the stuff of legends. To date, it has never interfered with the Salvation and often comes to its aid in times of crisis.

Titan’s Rage: Due to its immense size and power, there is no plausible means of facing Titan in combat. Whenever it strikes, the result is swift and explosive but final. By spending 3 challenges, the Director can bring Titan into any scene taking place in the Wastes. At the end of a round, one major or supporting character or group of extras is swiftly eliminated from the scene and treated as if they were reduced to 0 Vitality. The Director can spend additional challenge as normal to cause enduring complications and other calamities as normal with Titan as the focus or an additional challenge can be spent once per round to reduce a lead character to 1 Vitality.
Titan cannot be brought into the scene by spending challenges unless it has already been introduced earlier in the story.