Port Royale

One of many way stations positioned along the Salvation’s many routes, this one serves as a trading post for Outcasts, bandits, and businesses within Serenity Falls.

by Ali May Sang (the Librarian)

Every dusty rock has the potential for a shining jewel waiting inside. My jewel, the one that brings me hope despite the harshness of the Wastes, is a small way station positioned along the Salvation’s most common route. Founded by Horatio Small nearly twenty years ago, this well-constructed two-storey building made of wood, stone, and steel reinforcements has become known as Port Royale, named after the old harbour in Serenity Falls before the ocean ran dry.

Now operated by Horatio’s three daughters – Charm, Grace, and Divine – the station connects travellers with numerous freelance operators connecting with the Caravan, commonly known as wagons. Port Royale is recognized as neutral territory between the Outcasts of the Wastes and anyone else who comes here to do business, leading to a small but comfortable trading post. Small shops and stalls exist around the station for those looking for maps, relics, and supplies needed to survive any place a traveler may find themselves. An assortment of representatives from the various wagons operating within the area are called ticket masters; it is they you must speak to if you wish to catch a ride alongside the Salvation.

In exchange for this neutral ground, Port Royale is protected by several Outcast warriors at all times. Their loyalty to the Small sisters and the opportunities provided by the station give them cause to ensure nothing happens without their best warriors protecting it. Using discarded and refurbished weaponry from the Caravan (who comes here at times to refuel and repair their vehicles), security is maintained by an Outcast who answers only to the name Gnash, a towering qi warrior whose ability to meld with the stone and become an immovable object makes him a fitting commander of Port Royale’s lasting presence on the outskirts of the Wastes.


Supporting Character
Life in the Wastes is a constant struggle to survive, let alone doing so without getting your hands bloody. Gnash is a firm believer in the big picture and sees the opportunities provided at Port Royale as the means for his people to become useful members of society. For that, he would give his life to defend this way station.

Homeland: The Wastes
Qi Power: Merge with stone
Unique Features: Standing over eight feet tall without a single hair on his body, Gnash’s muscles appear chiseled and sparkled with grains of sand embedded into his skin. His movements are slow and methodical but incredibly effective.

Unstoppable (d8/5/3)
Protector of His Community (d6/3/2)

A Kind And Gentle Soul (Motivation): Gnash seeks a peaceful life, one rarely possible as an Outcast. Whenever he is able to confront a situation and protect Port Royale and its residents without resorting to violence, he gains +1 Vitality.
Fits of Rage (Hindrance): If Gnash fails to block or counter a complication roll targeting someone or something under his protection, he can enter a state of rage to target the character who harmed his ward. When this happens, he takes a -1 step penalty against any other character in the scene until his target is removed from the scene.

Resource Slots: Merge with stone (qi power; +1 steps or +2 damage)
Vitality: 10
Predicting Chaos: Spending years in the swirling insanity of the Wastes teaches you a thing of two about predicting what’s to come, even if you only have a few minutes to prepare. By spending 1 challenge, Gnash can rewrite another player’s description or outcome while in the Wastes (including Port Royale) and provide a revised threat created by the landscape itself. For example, if a Writer describes a leviathan approaching, you can spend 1 challenge and change it to a sandstorm.