When your qi power is luck itself, why not tempt fate daily and become a professional gunfighter?

by Ali May Sang (the Librarian)

In a world of infamy and reputation, there are few celebrities in the truest definition of the word. Then there’s Spitfire, a deceptive young woman who looks like she barely holds her wide-brimmed hat on her delicate head. Yet she is responsible for the traditional dueling deaths of almost three-dozen impressive qi warriors. I first met Spitfire upon my arrival in Serenity Falls for the Tournament of Champions last autumn. She easily defeated the notorious Sha Turin to claim top prize. Since then, some elite gamblers that make Grandfather so much money (seeing as he receives a cut of all the action) have made calls to ban her from next year’s tournament. Presumed sexism aside, there is a basis for her potential banishment.

Her qi power appears to be damn good fortune.

For those who have yet to read the full account of Sha’s defeat by this unexpected underdog, Spitfire came out with both pistols blazing, watching as they bounced off Sha’s rock-like skin. Just when it seemed the young contender had met her match in Sha, her gloating opponent made the mistake of dissolving his rock skin before taking the final shot that would kill Spitfire… only to have his weapon backfire and propel a chunk of his firing pin through his eye and into his brain, killing him instantly. Research into the current champion reveals several accounts of similar turns of fate that spared Spitfire’s life or ended her opponents’.

A native of Monsoon, this spunky qi warrior makes Serenity Falls her home now, living as a long-term guest of Grandfather in his sprawling estate. Rumours insist she is being primed to become one of the Watchdogs’ elite enforcers. For now, she is content to be The Girl Who Got Lucky, waiting for her chance to defend her controversial title of Tournament Champion.


Supporting Character
Regardless of the danger she faces, Spitfire doesn’t have a care in the world and carries on with the youthful exuberance of someone who has never been concerned about a problem in her life.

Homeland: Monsoon (now Serenity Falls)
Qi Power: Luck
Unique Features: Standing at an inch below five feet tall, she wears the duster and wide-brimmed hat getup of fellow gunfighters, a single six-shooter, Silverback, at her hip. She insists this was her father’s duelling weapon of choice until his death when she was a child.

Pulls Off the Impossible d6/3/2
Charming Innocence d6/3/2

Resource Slots: Qi power (+1 steps), Silverback (+1 steps or +2 damage)
Vitality: 10