Phantom Jack

Legends tell of a ghost protecting the downtrodden Outcasts of the Wastes. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth while hovering close to the mark.

by Ali May Sang (the Librarian)

There are a lot of wild rumours emanating from the impoverished souls who make the Wastes their home. Many are shrugged off by outsiders as nothing more than the rantings of a people living in the shadow of Chaos’ Wrath and there is some fairness in that assumption. One rumour in particular caught my attention as I rested at an unnamed waypoint and it involved someone known only as Phantom Jack. There were a trio of orphaned children begging for change from the “jinglers” passing by (their term for those with money) talking about a caravan boss who was tossed off a cliff into a fire tornado (which is exactly what it sounds like). When I pressed them on it, they were unsurprisingly vague in particulars but wholeheartedly believed everything they heard.

And why shouldn’t they? The story goes that Phantom Jack is the ghost of a prominent figure in the Wastes who was beheaded by goons from Yung Zhi who mistook him for someone with a bounty on their head. Phantom Jack now wanders the Wastes in search of orphans and abandoned caravan passengers stranded in the desert while other stories tell of an ethereal figure dispensing justice against those who have otherwise escaped to the Wastes with their heads still locked on their shoulders. The stories are an intriguing collection of vendettas and noble retribution, but do not display the whole truth.

Phantom Jack is real and continues to live a thriving career as the leader of a gang of young Outcasts known as the Jackknives. Yes, he is alive but there is a reasonable excuse for the stories of a ghost haunting the Wastes – his qi power allows him to project his astral body and walk easily in and out of any building, wagon, or other construction without the burden of physical confrontations, baricades, or anything else that would complicate matters for the rest of those looking to make ends meet. As of the time of this writing, there is no indication any murders are actually connected to Phantom Jack and his gang.

So why doesn’t someone send a bounty hunter to take out Jack’s physical body? No one save for his high-ups know where he is. Everyone only deals with his astral projection and commands are dispensed by the most trusted members of the gang. As his astral from is incapable of carrying on a conversation with those of us restricted to physical bodies only, there is no telling how much dastardly secrets Phantom Jack has uncovered and therefore it is not surprising there are many powerful figures looking to permanently ghost this enigmatic figure.

Phantom Jack

Supporting Character
The ghostly form of a tall, lanky man adorned in a long, flowing robe stands before you. It does not make a sound and the translucent figure reveals a pair of daggers in his hands, a sly grin slides over his face.

Homeland: The Wastes
Qi Power: Project an astral form; while in this astral form, Phantom Jack is immune to any complications (including damage) that require physical contact
Unique Features: Only encountered in his astral form, most of Phantom Jack’s distinguishing features are difficult to make out and his entire body appears like the typical rendition of a ghost. No one knows what his physical body actually looks like but it is believed there are clues to be discovered through his astral form.

Once a Thief, Always a Thief d6/3/2
Knows Too Many Secrets d6/3/2

Resource Slots: Qi power (+1 steps), 2 daggers (+1 damage each)
Vitality: 12