The Sunken Lighthouse

Finding a decent place to kill your enemies without suffering from the blinding conditions of Serenity Falls’ sandstorm used to be a problem… until now.

by Ali May Sang (the Librarian)

Duelling can be impossible in the constant sandstorm that engulfs Serenity Falls on a daily basis. One would assume this would help curb the violence the plagues the City and bring some semblance of order to Grandfather’s domain but that is not the case. Not by a long shot. Luckily (depending on your point of view), some curious explorers have found the perfect spot for death and justice to make a deal.

About a two-hour ride southwest of the City as you ride along the jagged cliffs of the Lost Ocean, there is a marker. A hollowed metal pole with several flags (some blown off by the sandstorm’s ferocity) and holes crafted at various points emit a specific tone alerting blinded combatants looking for the Sunken Lighthouse. The marker reveals a section of the cliffs that broke off from the mainland and sank into the ocean that is no longer there. With some cautious climbing, it is possible to make it down to the bottom and stand on the parched ocean floor.

The battered lighthouse that once stood at the top of the cliffs warning approaching ships of the dangers ahead now rests on a precarious angle, its beacon slowly turning its soft and broken light for eternity, the creak of its metal parts echoing off the rock walls and into the void that stretches out as far as the eye can see. The terrain is littered with debris, chunks of rocks, and perfectly preserved bodies out in the open and tucked out of sight. Decay does not exist at the bottom of the Lost Ocean, it seems. But that is not what makes this location prime for dueling. There is no wind here. The sandstorm literally ends at the top of the cliffs and blows itself back into the mainland. Down here, the parching sun or cooling moon provides complete illumination and a clear shot for two or more warriors to dispense whatever form of justice they feel suits the crime.

If this place feels out of sorts and far too convenient for the One Land, you would be correct. There is a curse afflicting the Sunken Lighthouse and those who dispense death on its ground: those who kill another here are haunted by the ghost of their victims. It does not matter the reason, not even self-defence. Kill another person here and their spectre will follow you until your life ends. Ask someone who has been stalked by their victim for a year as they are about blow the back of their head off with their own gun and they will tell you it is better to fight in the City.

New Hindrance: Haunted by Ghosts

Any lead character who takes a life at the Sunken Lighthouse will gain a bonus hindrance that is not connected to a motivation or connection. This hindrance will represent the ghost of their victim(s) haunting them for the rest of their days and will never be removed unless the players can develop a story that revolves around making amends that will allow the ghost(s) to rest. Otherwise, this hindrance is permanent and functions exactly like all other hindrances.