Where else but the Wastes would you find giant burrowing monsters that can fly?

by Ali May Sang (the Librarian)

There are two main theories behind the appearance of the leviathan. Either they are a physical manifestation and the result of Chaos’ Wrath or they are the very creatures that consumed the Fallen City within minutes. Without any access or evidence to the remains of this lost empire, there can be no way to tell. What can be certain is that leviathans are very real.

Giant creatures almost 50′ long with a gaping mouth capable of opening as wide as 20′, these burrowing creatures look very much like dust brown earthworms of enormous proportions. Their long bodies are covered with spikes and frills capable of slicing through the earth while a massive rock-hard plate adorned with a single thin curved horn. As the leviathan spins counter-clockwise, this horn drills a tunnel for the beast to move about as easily underground as it can in the air. Oh yes, it can fly too.

Outsiders consider them demonic remnants of Chaos’ fury but that could not be further from the truth. They are content to live as part of this wild ecosystem and avoid confrontation if at all possible. Solitary beasts, they do get into territorial battles or contests for mating rites. This last one is what makes them dangerous to anyone and anything that may be nearby. Little is known about their diet or their biology as capturing one has always been impossible. Not that it has stopped some rather ambitious entrepreneurs from sending out expedition parties to kill a leviathan and harvest its organs to the big spenders in Yung Zhi and Rust. To date, they have had no success.


Extras (Special)
Life in the Wastes is a constant struggle to survive, let alone doing so without getting your hands bloody. Gnash is a firm believer in the big picture and sees the opportunities provided at Port Royale as the means for his people to become useful members of society. For that, he would give his life to defend this way station.

Homeland: The Wastes
Qi Power: N/A
Unique Features: Giant earthworms covered in spikes with a sharp horn on their head that can fly through the air and burrow underground definitely stand out in a crowd.

These Things Are Huge (d6/3/2)

Resource Slots: Horn (+1 steps or +3 damage)
Vitality: 15 (see the As Big As A Group perk)

As Big As A Group: Because of their immense size, leviathans are treated as a group of 5 extras. This requires all characters placing complications on a leviathan to spend Vitality to affect a group – the strain of affecting a creature so large is draining.
Thick Layer of Armour: To survive the intense pressure of a life underground, leviathans have incredibly thick and tough skin. Only an absolute can cause damage.