The Catar

The mortal enemies of Monsoon, this breed of catlike humanoids thrives in the toxic jungles surrounding the ancient ruins.

by Ali May Sang

Unlike many of the strange manifestations brought on by Chaos’ infection, hybrids have existed for generations long before that fateful day. The catar are perhaps renowned as teachers of the first samurai warriors. Many of the temples and ancient texts of war, commerce, and mathematics feature a wide assortment of feline symbology, which is what makes this turn so tragic. While the people of Monsoon claim the catar went mad and turned on their pupils, the same accusation goes the other way as well. Fearing the temples have been corrupted by Chaos’ taint and citing the poisons closing in around them as proof, the catar seek to destroy all that was about the Elemental Spirits and their influence on humankind.

A catar unleashes her qi on a misguided samurai. Art by Kieron O’Gorman.

Few catar has demonstrated an individual qi power, causing many to wonder if they display the ability. Far from the truth. They have collectively applied their qi towards gaining an immunity to poison in order to blend with the jungle and strike with stealth and precision. They hide no qualms about killing those they are trying to protect; they have been corrupted and must be destroyed in order to be saved. Other than their cause and the deadly accuracy of their guerrilla war with Monsoon, little is known about them or how many live in the trees of the Pale Jungle.

Catar As Lead Characters

Taking on the role of a non-human character is quite simple in the High Plains Samurai Roleplaying Game and requires only a small substitution with any of the pre-generated characters from High Plains Samurai: Legends.

To play a catar as a lead character, you can replace your qi power with the following perk. If you play Mauser, you will start with 10 Vitality and gain the following perk.

Immune to Poison: All catar are immune to any poison-based complications, including damage.

Change the name of your character’s Homeland to “The Pale Jungle” and gain the following perk in substitution of your character’s existing perk.

Never Seen, Never Heard: You gain an additional +1 step bonus whenever you apply a resource for stealth.