Few warlords since Chaos’ Wrath have grasped onto power with such ferocity as Grandfather, a frail and untapped man who should never be underestimated.

by Ali May Sang (the Librarian)
featuring passages from the High Plains Samurai Core Rulebook

The Tom family has ruled Serenity Falls for generations, going back to that bygone era when it was a port city overlooking a sprawling ocean. Known simply as Grandfather, the warlord Asoko Tom is a deviant among despots. In an almost desperate bid to cling to what made this City what it was during its seafaring days, he has driven his people into poverty and slavery with an intensity that would put the General of Monsoon to shame.

Closer to the Wastes than any other City, Serenity Falls now the epitome of corruption. While the depraved and wicked come to his City wanted by other warlords, Grandfather tolerates their ways until they threaten either of the pair he truly cherishes: his money or his children. For you see, Grandfather did not receive his moniker because of his advanced age but because all children born in his City are brought to live within his extravagant mansion. All of the children are tended to and cared for by his servants and Grandfather sees to each child’s needs as any loving parent would and provides an upbringing unlike anything their natural parents could offer. As soon as they are old enough to work in the mines underneath his estate and if they have not demonstrated any qi powers that would make them useful to his cause, they are suddenly and tearfully escorted to their new life of indentured hardship in the Pits.

Grandfather rules Serenity Falls with an iron fist thanks to his keen-eyed enforcers, the Watchdogs. Recognized by their black dusters, the Watchdogs patrol Serenity Falls’ streets to make sure any violence does not get out of hand. They are not there to prevent it or protect its citizens, simply to keep the bloodshed from interfering with Grandfather’s steep taxes. Shooting up a business is tolerated; blowing it up is not. Anyone caught committing a crime in Serenity Falls can serve their time as a Watchdog for a set period or until Grandfather deems otherwise. There is no record of any Watchdog’s service reaching a happy conclusion.

There is commerce on the streets of Serenity Falls as those who are no longer able to work the mines “retire” to the surface and operate any of the numerous saloons, brothels, stables, and other businesses owned by Grandfather. It is why visitors to this City will only encounter the native frail and elderly residents, a sight that only adds to the depravity of this once majestic jewel in the One Land’s crown